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Helen Aileen DaviesHelen Aileen Davies was born in Crannock, Staffordshire and moved to Wales in 1981. She lives in Aberdare and works as a teaching assistant. In 2004 she appeared as a finalist in the BBC’s End of Story TV series with Marian Keys. As a singer/songwriter, she has recorded three albums with the folk group Dragonfall. Her first novel The Emperor and the Butterfly (Troubador Publishing, 2007) was published in April 2007 and her second novel is well underway. They are part of a series based on the ’modern’ lives of strong female characters from Welsh legends. Helen is passionate about her adopted country and its language. She speaks Welsh.

Selected Publications:
The Emperor and the Butterfly (Troubador Publishing, 2007)


The Emperor and the Butterfly (Troubador Publishing, 2007)

The Emperor and the ButterflyWhile unconscious following an accident, high–flying businessman Mac has a vision in which he meets a girl and falls in love. Later he learns of an ancient Celtic legend in which his real life ancestor had the same experience, before rising to greatness. He becomes convinced that the legend is being repeated, but his compulsion turns his life, and all around him, upside down. He will stop at nothing to achieve his dreams.

Caught in his obsession are young student Elen and her would–be suitor Rhys, Mac’s beautiful wife Kata and his long suffering secretary, Carla. But there are darker forces at work and all is not as it appears to be…

Lust, ambition and romance combine with the down-to-earth and sometimes comic life of the South Wales valleys as the present mirrors the past.

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