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Stephanie DummlerStephanie Dummler was born in Newcastle upon Tyne and studied at Keele, London and Aberystwyth Universities. She has lived on a smallholding in Pembrokeshire, been a tutor for the WEA, and for ten years taught English and Psychology in a girls' school. Now living on Anglesey, she has given readings in North Wales, and at the Royal Festival Hall as part of the London Literature Festival. Stephanie is a Member of Academi.



Selected Publications:
The Dovecote (Onlywomen's Press, 2009)

The Dovecote (Onlywomen's Press, 2009)

The DovecoteAn astute and passionate romance that describes not only a background of fulfilling relationships between women but also a new and growing lesbian love affair. Set in London and rural Wales in the 60s and 70s, a time when polite society opposed gay women, this elegant, often humorous debut novel mocks the status quo.

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