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Cysylltu â'r ysgrifennwr


Andrew Môn Hughes, a native of Holyhead in Anglesey, has firmly established himself as one of the world’s foremost authorities on the iconic musical phenomenon, The Bee Gees. His passion for the group’s history and music has propelled him to become a prolific author with a deep understanding of the Bee Gees’ legacy.

Born and raised in the enchanting surroundings of Anglesey, Andrew’s journey into the world of music and writing began with an early fascination with The Bee Gees. His profound interest in their music and their intricate journey from humble beginnings to international stardom drove him to become a leading authority on the subject.

Over the years, Andrew has researched and chronicled the remarkable story of the Brothers Gibb. His expertise has culminated in a series of comprehensive books that have become essential references for fans and scholars alike. Notably, Andrew’s contributions to the field include:

Tales of the Brothers Gibb (Omnibus Press) – Andrew’s seminal work, first published in October 2000, takes readers on an engaging journey through the lives and careers of the Bee Gees. The book’s enduring popularity led to three subsequent editions in 2001, 2003 and 2012, and Russian and German translations. Its digital version on Kindle ensures the ongoing accessibility of this vital resource.

Decades: The Bee Gees in the 1960s (Sonicbond Publishing) – This work, published in November 2021, delves into the Bee Gees’ music and influence during the 1960s, a pivotal period in their career.

Decades: The Bee Gees in the 1970s (Sonicbond Publishing) – Released in March 2023, this book takes readers through the Brothers Gibb’s evolution during the 1970s, a decade marked by iconic albums and international acclaim.

The Bee Gees: Complete Recordings Illustrated (APS Books) – Published in January 2023, this work is a comprehensive, visual exploration of the Bee Gees’ extensive discography.

Andrew Môn Hughes’s relentless dedication to The Bee Gees and his commitment to sharing their story with the world has made him an indispensable figure in the realm of music literature. His books stand as a testament to his unwavering appreciation for The Bee Gees and his desire to ensure their legacy lives on for generations to come. Andrew Môn Hughes continues to inspire and educate music enthusiasts worldwide through his in-depth research and heartfelt words.